No Apologies for Being Real

I didn’t give up on love I just fell in love with me

Losing yourself in a relationship is something we all have experienced at one point in our life. Trying to rebuild yourself back up after leaving is the tedious part when healing. You can sometimes develop a fear of falling in love again. I’ve been in unhealthy relationships before but my abusive relationship taught me that every guy I ever dated all had toxic ways similar to each other. That relationship taught me of my codependent patterns that I developed in each relationship. I felt that if I gave my all it would make a man appreciate me but I wasnt paying attention to the type of guys I was attracting. Every relationship that ended was the same results, they didnt realize what they had until it was gone. I also had to do my own soul searching to get to the bottom of why I was attracting the same kind of men. I came across a saying

This quote hit so close to home because I was a child who grew up without a father. My mother had her own reasons for keeping him out of my life but it still damaged me. I was constantly searching for a father figure. After losing myself completely in my abusive relationship and draining myself from trying to love someone so toxic, I had to learn how to love myself and once I found myself, I realized how awesome I was as a person. I dont want to say I’m giving up on love but I want to fully heal damaged areas in me so I can break the habit of attracting the same kind of toxic men. Self love is my rehab 😘💯🚫😍

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