No Apologies for Being Real

Why do I post the Picture?

This is a question i’m pretty sure a lot of victims of domestic violence have been asked numerous of times. People shame you and are very quick to say that you’re doing this for attention. Multiple thoughts probably have went through your head as you reflect back on that day and how the bruises got there. If you are going to reflect on it, don’t reflect on the words that was said to you when the abuse took place. Don’t reflect on the pain to believe that this is what you deserve. Use your picture as a reminder of why not to go back. After the storm is over they try to take you back to this happy place. A happy place that every time an argument happens or a physical fight breaks out just because…you wondered how did you two get away from it. That happy place was always just a fantasy in your own head. They painted that picture clearly with the smiles, the laughs and the compliments to bring you back in. But the reason that happy place is just a fantasy is because you can’t expect them to love you if they don’t even love themselves. I only kept a couple of pictures because I was too in denial to believe I was in an abusive relationship. Whenever he reached back out with the apologies I pushed all bad memories to the back of my mind. Over time when I left for good I still suffered from the effects. I reflect back on these two pictures and then look at pictures of me now. To see how happy I am and the better place i’m in now is why I post the picture. This is my rehab when I’m going through the withdrawal of missing him and feeling low. I read the screenshots of text messages he’s sent me when hes been upset because I’d rather have a dose of reality over a lie anyday. Let the pictures be your reason to save someone else, not just another post.

When you post your picture to the internet to let people know your truth of whats going on behind closed doors

*Block out the negative talk

*Allow this picture to be your rehab of breaking the addiction

*Let this be the picture that will allow you to walk away

*Understand that if its not, the abuse will only get worst in future pictures to come

*Strengthen your mind

*If they apologize they are still toxic

*Hurt people, hurt people

*Abuse is an addiction, what will you let be your rehab?

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